Different Types of Oak Furniture

There are many different types of oak furniture available for use all around the home. Solid Oak Furniture looks great in any room and the sideboards and cabinets provide great storage solutions.

Oak Sideboards

Oak Sideboards are extremely versatile and can be used for storing all manner of items, many sideboards not only provide cupboard storage but also provide drawer storage. Some of the best furniture available in the UK is available in solid oak and veneered oak timber.

The small sideboard is ideal if you don’t have a great deal of room, it can fit many small rooms whilst still providing a good storage solution, and many of the small sideboards also include a drawer and two cupboards.

The large sideboard provides plenty of storage space and looks magnificent, many of which include two or three compartments and multiple drawers. You will need to choose a sideboard that fits your room and provides the storage space you require. We have a great selection of large oak sideboards that provide plenty of storage space.

Our site features oak furniture that is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and conservatories and will complement any modern home. The oak sideboard collections are very robust pieces of furniture that when well looked after will last a lifetime.

Large Oak Sideboards

Large Oak Sideboards are extremely versatile, available in various sizes and prices. For hundreds of years they have been used for storing all manner of items. Many oak sideboards not only provide cupboard storage but also provide drawer storage, most of which contain at least 2 cupboards and usually provide 2 or 3 drawers.

These are extremely practical for storing items in living rooms, dining rooms and conservatories. We are sure you will find a sideboard to meet your needs that will complement your home beautifully.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, we also have a superb range of oak sideboards.

Glazed Oak Dressers

If you are searching for beautiful oak furniture for you and your family’s home you have arrived at the right place. The solid oak furniture supplied by our partners has been carefully fashioned by professional carpenters with care for every single detail so you receive the highest quality furniture possible.

A beautiful oak glazed dresser is the perfect piece of furniture to complete the look of any lounge, dining room or bedroom. Not only will a marvelously crafted dresser serve its purpose of holding many items with its deep cupboards and well built drawers, it will be an eye catching addition to any home as well.

An oak display cabinet will bring warmth to the room and show off all of your family’s cherished mementos in style. A dining room is simply incomplete without this exceptional piece of oak furniture. These exquisite pieces of oak furniture will be the center of attention in whatever room they are placed in your home. The sturdy solid oak furniture is so well made that these furnishings will last you a lifetime. You will even be able to pass them down through your family so they will be enjoyed for years to come.

Glazed Oak Dressers generally have 2 Large Cupboards with Glass Doors, and some provide either cupboards or drawers below for extra storage of items you do not wish to have on display. Internally these display cabinets generally provide multiple shelves, and in some cabinets the shelves are adjustable to accomodate various items that you wish to display.

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