Rivermead Solid Oak Glazed Dresser

rivermead glazed oak dresser
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A Beautiful Oak Dresser with 2 Glazed Doors, 3 Drawers and 2 Storage Cupboards from the Rivermead range.

This magnificent piece of Oak Furniture will provide plenty of storage space for Ornaments and other items you wish to display, whilst also providing drawer and cupboard storage.

From the Rivermead range of Oak furniture this stunning storage cabinet will look superb in your home. This is a large, solid and sturdy piece of furniture manufactured to the highest standards from premium solid oak timber.

At the top of this storage cabinet are two cupboards with glazed doors behind which are three shelves to place your ornaments and other items you wish to have on display. Below this presentation area are three drawers for storage of smaller items. Below the three drawers are two large cupboards to provide extra storage for larger items that you do not wish to have on display. This storage area also provides a shelf enabling you to maximize the storage space.

This Glazed Oak Dresser has a stylish design and the finish really shows of the beauty of the wood. This large cupboard storage solution provides loads of storage space and offers excellent value for money.

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